If you are a travel enthusiast or traveling in extremely high humidity or in a lot of water, it is a good idea to choose a camera underwater. Not only are they durable, they also outperform water and dust much better than professional DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. This article will introduce you to the top of the ultra-durable underwater camera of 2017:


It’s a 15-meter waterproof, with good dust resistance and cold-to-10 degrees Celsius, it can even follow you to where you “paint with the glass” without the camera. DSLR or smartphone can do. In addition, the machine can withstand maximum compression at 100 kgf, withstand impact when leaving from a maximum height of 2.1 meters and in addition, the lens is also resistant to fog. Therefore, it is not a problem to shoot under extreme water conditions or to immerse your camera in water.
Top extreme underwater camera of 2017
Inside is the 12MP CMOS sensor with the Trupic VIII image processor that will help you create true-to-life images of the places where few people come. In addition, the buttons are arranged for faster operation with 3inch LCD screen quite clear. You can find Wi-Fi, GPS, temperature sensors and a compass, which is quite useful for those who love exploring and sharing photos directly on the smartphone.


Passion for travel can take you to any “corner of the tank”, the COOLPIX W300 is always ready to work with you. With a water resistance of 30m, anti-shock at a height of 2.4m, anti-cold to -10 ° C and anti-dust, the COOLPIX W300 can easily catch up with all your exploration journeys. perfect way. Not only does it capture 16MP sharp images, you can also record 4k / 30p movies to capture the best moments. Image-enhancing operations supported by the 5-axis anti-shake feature in the camera body produce sharp images and extremely high quality video.
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The camera’s 5x zoom lens and the largest aperture of F / 2.8 allow for creative composition in a wide variety of formats. Data sharing will also be done quickly through Wi-fi and Bluetooth. At the same time, GPS is an essential positioning feature for those who want to save their location. There are four versions of fashion that you choose it is orange, black, yellow, military.


Removing the artist’s image from the high-end Mirrorless models, the fujifilm offers a waterproof camera that is completely bumpy and powerful. Still quite compact and fit, but the machine is quite useful with professional sportsmen by the ability to waterproof 20m, anti-shock 1.70m and cold -10 degrees C. The 3-inch LCD screen is coated with anti-glare. So whether it is underwater or under the sun is not a problem.

The camera is easy to use when there are 11 different shooting modes available for you to choose from, plus two separate HDR and 360 ° Panorama modes for those who love beautiful landscape photos. Besides, the lens has the ability to zoom 5x and optical anti-shake so you can take a photo without fear of a blur. Not losing to competitors, Fujifilm also equipped with Wi-fi to support fast photo sharing to mobile devices.


Ricoh’s products are quite unique in appearance, with sharp and strong lines, which are more resistant to water and weather than conventional cameras. It’s cheap, but it’s waterproof, 15m high, and dustproof, and works well at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. The lens unit has six quality lenses that resist bad optical phenomena when opened. Maximum F / 2.8 will produce beautiful and clear images with 16MP resolution from the sensor.
Top extreme underwater camera of 2017
It also features Full HD 30p video recording and can record up to 150 minutes continuously with a large capacity battery or continuous shooting of 300 images. Ricoh WG-30’s weight is around 190g, so it does not get you upset despite having to move constantly.

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